No matter what the weather or where you go - I'll be there to capture you on film! I've videotaped from the top of a fire engine and from the back of an elephant! I've even strapped on roller skates to capture the perfect shot!

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It all started when my Grandma let me use her Brownie Camera when I was 8 years old. I was hooked on creating images that made people laugh, smile, think, and even tear up. Armstrong Productions has gone from shooting videos for local news to producing a variety of projects for commercial, non-profit, and government organizations. We pride ourselves in listening to your objectives and helping you bring those ideas to the screen.

We eat film and sleep digital media. It’s just what we do. I'd love to connect with you for a free 30-minute conversation on how we can help your business become more visible in the world! Even if you don't like to be on camera, we have our special technique that makes you comfortable and helps you look relaxed on film. We promise, it will be fun!